Growing up in the 1970's Tony would get up early on a Saturday morning, instead of staying home watching cartoons he would wait for his father to take him to a site project. "I was always intrigued by the number of men it took to build a house. They were all craftsmen in their own profession."

By the early 1980's his father began having serious health issues and was not able to continue the family business. His father eventually passed at young age and was not able to mentor him any longer. Tony decided to enroll in the mechanical engineering program and branched out as a tool and die maker in the automotive industry. 

After a decade in the automotive industry his roots were calling him back. He began as a painter, then started building decks and fences. "It was steady work but not fulfilling my desire to work on larger scale projects. " Tony began taking on larger interior renovations from single bathrooms, basements, kitchens as well as major structural additions and builds. Tony knows as well as any builder or renovator that solid relationships with skilled trades are key to producing a successful renovation, not only to achieve the quality he demands, but also the speed and efficiency needed. " All my trades have been with me from the beginning, I have ongoing relationships with my trades and stay loyal to them."

Taking on a larger workload or expanding the company could mean losing the personal, hands on touch that makes Tony so well respected and sought after. Anyone who has worked with Tony, or for him, will attest, it's made him an even better contractor. Indeed, his care and unwavering attention to quality and detail is why clients hire Kingsway Home Improvements Inc.